Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with Membean – a great new start-up here in the Portland area. They’ve devised a killer application for all of those test takers cramming away for the SAT or GRE (and hopefully TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS in the future). Instead of just banging the new vocabulary into […]

A 2010 survey released by Speak Up last year, and covered by Read Write Web, still has me thinking.  What does it mean that 20% of children in kindergarten through second grade have their own cellphones?  What do they do with these devices? The kindergartners can’t be texting because most of them can’t read yet, […]

Checking stats today, I see that the pizza demo lesson is very popular – in fact the most popular page on the site! If you haven’t checked it out, please do. It basically takes a standard lesson and incorporates the mobile phone by including conversational practice via the ESLai app. On that note, one of […]

My latest project has just begun and I’m excited by the prospects. The project focuses on providing conversation practice on very specific topics via AI (artificial intelligence). Think of it this way: imagine you are having an SMS chat with a buddy. Depending on the subject things can branch off in all sorts of directions, […]

Back in ancient times of smart / mobile phones (2004), I was part of a start-up called GoTestGo. The purpose of GoTestGo was to bring test preparation to mobile phones. The idea was intriguing: Create portable learning applications that English learners (or other subject learners) could use on the go, waiting on the bus, standing […]

Last week I had the opportunity to have a lengthy chat with Bill Fisher, CEO of EF Englishtown. It was quite an interesting discussion, and I was pleased at the informal nature of our chat which was very much an exchange of perspectives on where the English language learning market for non-native speakers is headed. […]


Over the last few years I’ve been involved with EnglishCafe and what has impressed me most is how helpful and generous students can be with each other.  The free-form approach that a social network like EnglishCafe engenders can sometimes be challenging for students, but it has been amazing watching intermediate and advanced level English learners […]

Learning a new language can open up a student to new or different ways of thinking.  In my own case, learning Italian and German helped improve my understanding of English grammar and revitalized a love for reading that I had thought I’d lost after watching too much television.  However, once I’d taken on the challenge […]

This blog will explore my ideas about ESL education as well as some of my experiences working with mobile technologies, social networking sites, and as a teacher and trainer.  You’ll find blog entries outlining some strategies for online teaching, as well as links to tips for educators and ESL students.  I look forward to sharing […]