English teachers have been using the ESLai conversational simulation apps in class (here’s an introduction to the apps) and getting good feedback from students. Here’s one quote from Marina in Ukraine:

I’ve tried your programme with my university and private students. All my students liked it, especially the dialogue in the pizzeria (I don’t know why, I guess it seems more useful for them).

They noticed that it works even if they make spelling mistakes, which is great because a lot of programmes don’t accept wrong spelling. And that IS often a problem for our students.
I have some very shy students who find it difficult to talk to real people, even if they are their groupmates. Such products can help them feel more relaxed.

We’d love to get your feedback as well. Here’s a short survey to report back on your class’ experience using the apps. You can also use this printable pizzeria demo lesson in your class as a way to include the app in a larger lesson structure.

We appreciate any feedback you provide!

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