Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with Membean – a great new start-up here in the Portland area. They’ve devised a killer application for all of those test takers cramming away for the SAT or GRE (and hopefully TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS in the future). Instead of just banging the new vocabulary into the noggin with flash cards, they’ve developed an amazing engine that helps you learn vocabulary through context, while also repeating new vocabulary often enough to make sure you’re prepared for the big test when the day arrives.

Here’s on overview of how this feat is achieved:

What I like most about Membean is its contextual approach to learning new vocabulary, including multiple intelligences. Images introduce each new word providing visual hooks, listening examples in context let you use your musical intelligence. Videos with contextual usage are provided, and there are also handy memory hooks, and much, much more.

At first glance, it might all seem overwhelming – but if you let your eye wander over the page, play around, etc. you’ll find you’re learning new vocabulary in no time. It’s all about the context. Congrats to Membean – and I’m going to make sure my daughter gives this a try. After all, the SATs are only a few years away … (my poor kid!)

Here are some example pages to check out if you are interested:


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