Monthly Archive for February 2011


Over the last few years I’ve been involved with EnglishCafe and what has impressed me most is how helpful and generous students can be with each other.  The free-form approach that a social network like EnglishCafe engenders can sometimes be challenging for students, but it has been amazing watching intermediate and advanced level English learners […]

Learning a new language can open up a student to new or different ways of thinking.  In my own case, learning Italian and German helped improve my understanding of English grammar and revitalized a love for reading that I had thought I’d lost after watching too much television.  However, once I’d taken on the challenge […]

This blog will explore my ideas about ESL education as well as some of my experiences working with mobile technologies, social networking sites, and as a teacher and trainer.  You’ll find blog entries outlining some strategies for online teaching, as well as links to tips for educators and ESL students.  I look forward to sharing […]