Presenting in English?

Do you need to present in English? If so, you know the value of having a coach help you with your presentation. Christopher Graham and I have created an online tutoring course for making presentations in English. We’re looking for a few beta testers that we will help for free in exchange for their feedback […]

Visual Clues

Here’s a new experiment to help out with idioms. You’ve all seen the pictures with funny expressions, I thought it might be a good idea to illustrate idioms in this way as well. Here’s a trial run: Used under Creative Commons license by Aturkus Telling a fish story means to exaggerate what you have done. […]

The latest and greatest social network appears to be Google+. If you aren’t familiar with Google+ the short story is that it’s Google’s latest attempt to get into the social networking game (in other words, it’s Google’s answer to Facebook). If you aren’t familiar with Google+, this post will fill you in on the details. […]

English teachers have been using the ESLai conversational simulation apps in class (here’s an introduction to the apps) and getting good feedback from students. Here’s one quote from Marina in Ukraine: I’ve tried your programme with my university and private students. All my students liked it, especially the dialogue in the pizzeria (I don’t know […]

For all of your info-hungry, English learning stats needs here is a fantastic info graphic providing English proficiency levels around the world. Many thanks to those at EF Englishtown who were kind enough to point this out, AND hats off for this treasure trove of information on the English language learning industry around the world!